Principal’s Message

Welcome Message

Laidlaw is an ideal spot for a boarding institution. Couched in the Ketti Valley and with its idyllic surrounding children literally live and learn in and from Nature. Wordsworth would have been most inspired had he experienced the Ketti Valley before he did the Lake Districts!

Having said this, let me also say that growing up in natural surroundings should not be the be-all and end-all of education. Children must be taught to bring order into the chaos that they see around them. DISCIPLINE has been the key to Laidlaw's success over the years – discipline of the mind and body. We at Laidlaw subscribe to the Greek concept of education and true freedom that only by combining the proper discipline of the mind with that of the body can man truly learn to be free.

Laidlaw has always endeavoured to provide this balance and to this end games are compulsory for all students. We have several play grounds in sylvan surroundings and spread over a 224 acre campus. We also have a well equipped gym for children to keep fit even when they are not playing regular games. The gym may be used by children of 14 years and above. Apart from this, Cross Country running is compulsory for children of all ages and Laidlaw regularly makes a clean sweep of the Inter-School Cross Country Championships.

On the academic side we follow an examination pattern that is an offshoot of the old Senior Cambridge that was finally phased out around 1972 and replaced by what is called the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations based at Delhi. This body runs the ICSE (Year 10) and the ISC (Year 12) Examinations which compare more than favourably with any International Examination and have taken our students to Oxford and Harvard.

To continue our services to the public we depend upon our parents to join with us and help us in our endeavour to turn out disciplined citizens with a balanced religious and social view.

Thank you.
With Warm Regards,

Gary Everett.

The Laidlaw Memorial School & Jr. College, Ketti.