School Policies


  1. The Far Cottage beyond Oakshott, Golden Jubilee Ground, Hammick Pitch, Dining Hall, Breeden Hall, Hesketh Pitch, Hammick Cottage and cross roads.
  2. The boys of Oldham, Oakshott and Lewis Cottages are not permitted to venture beyond the School Office and without written permission.
  3. The girls are permitted to the Indoor Basketball Stadium accompanied by their cottage staff.On Sundays and holidays, girls should not be seen at the Cross Roads without written permission.
  4. The boys of Hesketh, Hammick and Smith Cottage are not permitted beyond the School Flat without written permission.
  5. Any pupil seen out of bounds must be reported to the Principal.The written permission of the Principal must be obtained when pupils are required to go beyond these bounds.
  6. Only the Principal may permit pupils to visit the Quarters of members of staff.This permission will have to be given by the Principal in writing to the Matron/Warden of the cottage concerned for information.
  7. Blackburn and Preston Cottages are totally out of bounds for all the boys. In a similar manner, boys cottages are out of bound for all girls.


  1. Pupils will address members of staff as Sir or Ma’am.  The hospital nurse will be addressed as “Sister” and not by her name.
  2. The conduct of pupils, especially towards staff in the school, must be respectful at all times.Any disrespect of staff will be severely punished and may also lead to a pupil being expelled.
  3. Pupils are not permitted to visit other cottages unless they have a) the permission of their own cottage staff i.e. either Warden or Matron in writing and (b) the permission of the staff attached to the cottage i.e. either Warden or Matron they are visiting in writing.
  4. No pupil should be seen outside his cottage after 9:15pm unless special permission has been obtained in writing for any practice related to school programme.
  5. Any resident scholar, who leaves the school premises without the necessary permission, will not be re-admitted.
  6. All pupils must show respect and obedience to Prefects.Any disrespect or flagrant flouting of the authority of Prefects or Monitors will be severely dealt with.
  7. Students should leave cottage only in uniform on working days.Casuals are permitted only on Sundays.Flotters and slippers are not allowed outside the cottage.


  1. Prefects and Monitors are not permitted to administer corporal punishment under any circumstances.
  2. Prefects and Monitors must report serious cases of indiscipline (a) outside the cottage to the Principal and/or the Headmaster (b) inside the cottage to the cottage warden and (c) in the Dining Hall to the Master or the Teacher on duty.


  1. Outside the Dining Hall, the Prefect on duty and the Monitors will help the staff on duty to get the children in order before leading them into the Dining Hall in silence.
  2. Since all staff are eating inside the Dining Hall the responsibility for discipline will rest with the teachers on duty.The noise level should be kept low.
  3. The Prefect on duty will say the grace before and after meals, the grace must be said clearly and respectfully.Any student who shows disrespect will be punished.
  4. The cleanliness in the Dining Hall before meals and after meals is the responsibility of all staff and students.
  5. After meals, it is the responsibility of the Prefect on duty and Monitors to lead the children out in an orderly manner.
  6. Walking around is not permitted during meals.
  7. Children must use fork and spoon while eating.
  8. Prefects and Monitors are especially advised to be respectful to all staff of the school at all times.


  1. Tuck will be allowed for the students.A tuck box must be provided.Tuck will not be allowed without a tuck box. Re-filling of the tuck box will be entertained only during exeats.Parcels should not be sent. If tuck is found anywhere else other than the tuck box, the student will be taken to task.
  3. P.T. shoes and other games equipment like Tennis or Badminton racquets, Hockey Sticks, Cricket Bats and Football Boots should NOT be kept in the classroom.The proper place for this equipment is the Cottage and should never be taken into the classroom on any account.
  4. All electronic gadgets excluding calculators are not permitted.
  5. Children are not permitted to keep money or any articles of value such as gold rings or watches with them.If a child is caught with money, it will be confiscated and if the offence is repeated, may also be asked to leave the school.


  1. Children will NOT be permitted to go to the Hospital during Class hours i.e. from 8:30am to 1:15pm and from 2:00pm to 4:00pm unless in an emergency.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Cottage Staff to send children to the Hospital with a chit BEFORE Morning Study OR AFTER Morning Study, AFTER Lunch or AFTER Class hours.
  3. It is the responsibility of the Cottage Staff to report in writing IF a child has been admitted in Hospital during the day.



Attraction of Negative Points for BEST HOUSE DISCIPLINE SHIELD

(number in parenthesis denotes negative points)

  1. Coming late – Upto 10 minutes (2); beyond that (5)
  2. Dodging class periods – (5)
  3. Using bad language – First time offender (2), Second time offender (5) and so on
  4. Dress Code Violation (5)
  5. Not doing Home Work (5)
  6. Being in the Wrong Place (5); REPETITION MAY LEAD TO EXPULSION.
  7. Disobedience or Disruption of Discipline in Class or in the Dining Hall or at Study Time or at Assembly or at Any Other Gathering (3)
  8. Breaking Bounds – First time offender (3), Second time offender (5) and Third Time Offender (EXPULSION)
  9. Bad Behaviour on the Games Field – First time offender (2), Second time offender (3), Third time Offender (SUSPENSION)
  10. Writing Love Letters – First time offender (5), Second time offender (10) REPETITION MAY LEAD TO SUSPENSION.
  11. Littering the Campus – (5)
  12. Misuse of the Computer – Sending emails to girl friend or boy friend (5).
  13. Use of unfair means in Tests or Exams(5 STUDY SHIELD); SERIOUS CASES MAY LEAD TO SUSPENSION
  15. Borrowing Money (5)
  16. Keeping too much money – Will be confiscated and given to Charity.
  17. Chewing Gum (5)
  18. Not having Hair Cut or Shave (No Beard or Moustache is permitted) (5)
  19. Dodging Cross Country – First time offender (2), Second time offender (5), REPETITION MAY LEAD TO SUSPENSION.
  20. Buying eats while running Cross Country – First time offender (2), Second time offender (5), REPETITION MAY LEAD TO SUSPENSION.
  21. If Prefects or Monitors are involved in any of the above acts – (5) They might also lose their Prefectship or Monitorship.


The following misconducts may also lead to Expulsion from School after an Enquiry has been conducted by the Disciplinary Committee:

  1. Vandalism and hooliganism of any kind especially destroying school property.
  2. Immoral behaviour.
  3. Hacking into unauthorized websites.
  4. Possession or use of any electronic items.
  5. Smoking, consumption of or purchase of liquor and consumption or purchase of drugs.
  6. Possession or use of a cell phone on the campus.
  7. Bringing the school into disrepute by bad behaviour outside the campus.
  8. Disrespect to staff
  9. Indulging in violence towards other students or teachers.

All the above acts of misconduct will attract 10 negative points for the house as well as expulsion, if necessary based on the enquiry of the disciplinary committee.

  1. Students are not allowed to keep money.If confiscated, the child will be suspended and the money will be given to charitable purposes
  2. Bullying will not be tolerated.If caught bullying, the child will be suspended for the first time and a repeated offence will lead to expulsion.