OGA with Smithies

            Dear Old Georgians,

                                 On behalf of the Principal, Headmaster, Coordinator and Teachers of Smith Cottage,

we Smithies like to thank Mr. Sattar Sait, Mr. Krishnamurthi Raja, Mr. Jaffarulla & Mrs. Tanya Figarado.


Smithies are waiting to see you and wanting to thank you,

For the ‘Fun Day’

We had on ‘Saturday.’

For the yummy ‘Cotton Candy’

Which was very ‘Handy.’

For the bag of ‘Puffed Rice’

Where we leaped in it like ‘Huffed Mice.’

For the ‘Paddling Pool’

Which was really ‘Cool.’

For making our day

Cheerful, delightful, joyful and thoughtful.

We all join hands together to say

‘Thank You, Love You, Miss You Waiting for You.’

                                                                             God Bless!