Smithies Sports day

 The 103rd Annual Sports Day 2017-2018

The Smithies Annual Sports Day was held on the 29th of July 2017, on Heskith Pitch. Every year there are great expectations from the Laidlaw family and parents regarding ‘Smithies.’ They anxiously wait to witness the show.  So every year it’s a challenge for the teachers of Smith Cottage to think out of the box. So to meet these expectations they work with a lot of skill, energy and determination. This year the races were based on ‘Fables.’  Yes, the Smithies had a message for each race they participated in. Let’s see what they had to tell us….

The Tiny Tots of STD 1 had the ‘Tom and Jerry’ race. The Standout feature of this race was that they had to collect all the palate –tickling food kept in their path, but most importantly to achieve it as a team.

Message: ‘Togetherness is the seed of happiness’ and ‘Unity is Strength.’

The Std 2 buddies had the ‘Hare and the Tortoise’ race. All of us know a lot about this race. What’s different?…….. The new trend of this race was that the tortoise made sure that the Hare too won the race along with him. They joined together and picked up all the possible vegetables they found on their way and finished the race successfully.

Message:  Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

The Std 3 bouncing kiddies had 2 races to participate in:

The First race was ‘The Thirsty Crow.’ A group of thirsty crows were waiting eagerly at the starting point to gulp the water from the pitcher. When they found, it had insufficient water, they as a team quickly picked up the stones and dropped them into the pitcher, to not only win the race but to quench their thirst too.

Message: Hard work is necessary for success but thinking smart is more important along with hard work.

The Second race was ‘The Lion and the Mouse.’ The tiny little mice of class 3 were dazed to see the huge big furious lions trapped in the net. They worked individually to release and untie the lions from their traps. The mouse and the lion ran to the finishing point to end the race.

Message: A friend in need is a friend indeed. Never under-estimate anyone by looking at their outward appearance.

Our gratitude to our Principal, Headmaster and Coordinator for their support and for the appreciation towards our hardwork.Mr. Mathew and Mrs. Vanaja Manojkumar for the magnificent accessories. All the parents of Smithies for their kind cooperation with the teachers.

We the teachers of Smith Cottage and Smithies proudly admit that we were very glad and happy to hear a lot of appreciation from the board members, guests and parents.