The art of public speaking is encouraged as an integral part of personality development and a co-curricular activity in Laidlaw. Students are encouraged and motivated to participate in Inter-House elocution competition from the primary school level, thus guiding them to strugoff their initial inhibitions and develop self confidence and poise. Speeches of great orators and poems are chosen and the students’ skill in memorizing, delivery and expression are developed along with language skills such as pronunciation and enunciation.

Thus groomed and guided, our students participate in the Inter-School elocution competition as well as such competitions organized other reputed bodies, within and outside the Nilgiris and more often than not emerge as winners.




Technology and human interaction are two sides of the same coin although they seem different, they are actually closely related

In the modern days the society is influenced or rather controlled by technology. Some of us have 1000 friends or even more on  Facebook. Are we able to interact with them always? In the modern gadgets and machines give us the emotional satisfaction that a loved one can give us.

Well this need sot be debated on the 27sth October 2017, The Laidlaw Memorial School and Junior college, Ketti conducted debate that “Technology is destroying the quality of Human Interactions”. The programme began with the opening prayer by our Head master Mr. R Nelthropp, Ms.Lydia M Dorathi was the moderator and Mrs. Monica Ruth was the time keeper.

We had 10 schools participating in the debate. The participants debated on issues such as children being glued to technology and the ill effects of the same. The defendants’ said that technology will not destroy the quality of human interactions. If used for the right purpose, at the right moment and by the right people.

The moderator concluded that one must know where to draw the line. We had three well known persons as judges – Dr.Senthilnathan Siva, Mrs.Sangeetha Ray and Mrs.Anandhi. The judges appreciated the efforts of the participants an also shared their valuable suggestions.

                The debate was won by The Laidlaw Memorial School represented by Nikita Kay Santy and Adithya Prasad who was adjudged the best speaker. The runner up school was Stanes School. Coonoor and the best runner up speaker was Jai Mittal of Riverside Public School. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks by our Principal Mr. Gary Everett.