William Shakespeare once said "Life is but a stage, and we are but its players", Laidlaw pupils are regularly provided a chance to perform on such a grand stage. The performances are not restricted to English writers from the Uk but include Indian writers – pupils explore their own unique, national identity, through the use of dramatic performance. From Vikram Seth to Rabindranath Tagore, The Houses perform a wide range of plays, and in doing so, display a sense of understanding, confidence, and passion. Echoing the voices of literary masters who spoke of liberty, freedom, patriotism,and faith, whilst trying to educate contemporary India, and give birth to a truly great nation

The co-curricular shield that carries 30 points comprises of activities such as singing, elocution, debates, quizzes, and drama competitions.

The Drama competition conducted in the month of October is a very important competition that involves a lot of thought and work on the part of the house staff and students.

Preparation for this competition begins in the month of July and proceeds for four months. Plays and actors to be chosen, stage settings to be arranged, parts to be memorized and acted, acting to be polished systematically, rehearsals to be seen and heard, drama teams to be formed, discussions, pressure, heartache, anger, frustration, solutions, raised voices, hushed tones, fun, laughter, joy, contentment, characterize the work involved for the drama competition.

Pleasure and pain; exhaustion and relief coupled with the contentment of a work done to the best of each person's ability comes to it's grand finale on November.

Parents and visitors view this competition with pleasure and appreciation.