Helen O’Grady International


English Speech & Communication Programme!!!

Welcome to the world of joyful learning!

Helen O’ Grady International has a unique self-development programme for children of all age groups. It is with pride that we introduce ourselves as the only programme of its kind in the world which uses the medium of drama to teach Communication skills to children.  

Our Aim:

The need to express one-self well is the paramount requirement in the modern world.

The aims of Helen O’Grady International achieved through involving the students in a highly stimulating, creative, theatre arts programme, is designed to develop:



 Effective social interaction


Skill in verbal communication


Ongoing confidence


Enthusiasm and a positive approach to life







Drama is a powerful medium to teach speech, communication skills and personal development. Children not only learn to express themselves better, they also get equipped to face the challenges of life. Their international curriculum encompasses activities designed to develop the imagination and creativity in children. Children who are shy and introverted, gain confidence and learn to express themselves fluently, whereas the extroverts learn to channelise their energy into controlled situations. Enthusiastic, qualified teachers and a dynamic learning environment motivate students to participate willingly and achieve their personal best, at all levels of development.


Further we are proud to inform you that Helen O’Grady International has been awarded ‘The Best After School Model’ for the third year in a row at the Indian Educational Congress Awards.


We have been conducting our classes at Laidlaw Memorial School since the academic year  2017-18.

Students will attend a minimum of 30 lessons. Each lesson will be for duration of 1 hour. After completion of the 30 lessons, all the children undergoing the program put up an onstage performance.

Certification :We offer our globally valued Achievement Certificate after the completion of thirty lessons to each student.

Website : helenogrady.co.in