In addition to those sports and games which might be said to form the staple of the physical activities of the School, there are also other activities which occupy the leisure time of the children. These include Music, Singing, Elocution, Debating, Quizzing, Photography and Indoor games. Opportunities are provided for Social Service, for learning the maintenance of Flower and Vegetable Gardens and for Excursions and Tours.

We at Laidlaw always strive to implant diverse skills and nurture them so as to make our students fully equiped to face the challenges in real life. Training children for debates and public speaking is an integral part of real life. Training children who show aptitude and interest are carefully selected and trained. Our Inter-House debates afford them with plenty of exposure to public speaking. Guided by our teachers, they are refined both in thought and in speech. Our Junior debates are meant for the middle grade students while our Senior debates,(which are, incidentally, extempore) cater to the higher class students. Besides this, we conduct an Inter-School Debate & Quiz annually, inviting various English Speaking schools from the Nilgiris.

Our participation in all Inter School debates both at the District and at National levels is a pointer to the penchant we have for the all round development of our children.

English continues to be the global language. Ability to speak in correct English with proper pronunciation and accent is indispensable. Our Inter-House English Elocution offers an Excellent opportunity to the children to refine their oratory skills. Meticulous care is taken by the House Staff in checking and correcting their pronunciation. This fruitful exercise is of immense benefit, as our children use the English Language in a way that is internationally intelligible