The School has a well-equipped hospital with 40 beds and a dispensary for out-patients. There is a fully qualified Nursing Sister in-charge of the Hospital, and the treatment of patients is prescribed by a visiting Doctor and visiting Dentist.

All cases of serious illness are transferred to the S.M.Hospital, Ooty or Vijayaraj Hospital, Ooty or to Nankem Hospital, Coonoor or to Sagayamatha Hospital, Coonoor. As soon as a child is admitted to the hospital his/her parents are informed. Where it is considered advisable by the School Doctor, the parents are also contacted by telephone, telegram, cable or e-mail as the case may be, whenever any special treatment is advisable, e.g., if a child needs special dental or eye treatment, or has to be given spectacles. All pupils are given a through medical examination on admission, and thereafter have periodical medical checks at which time their weight and height are recorded.

Where a child has been under treatment prior to admission into the school, medicines sent by the parents will be administered, subject to the approval of the School Doctor.

A prescription must accompany all medicines sent by parents to be administered to their children.

No child is permitted to keep medicines, and any medicines brought by children or by their parents for them, must be handed over to the Sister in-charge of the Hospital.