The school has a total of 8 laboratories, which includes 3 computer labs, 2 biology labs, 1 bio-tech, physics, chemistry and a geography lab.

All the laboratories are equipped with computers which have multimedia software called CLASS ON THE WEB which enables the students to access all the science and mathematics model papers ranging from standard 6 to 12 of the ICSE, ISC and CBSE boards. Teachers can also perform experiments through the VIRTUAL LAB.

Computer Laboratories
The three computer labs are one, for the senior section and the other for the junior section. The junior computer lab is for the students of standard 4 to 8. It has a total of 20 computers and can accommodate 40 students. The senior computer lab is for the students of standard 9 and above. It has a total of 20 computers and can accommodate around 20 students. Both the labs equipped with latest computer peripherals and LCD projectors.

Smith cottage also has a computer lab with Pentium 4 computers this is for the students of standard 1 to 3. The students are also facilitated with a broad band internet connection. All three computer laboratories are interconnected.



Biology Laboratories
Both the biology labs are well equipped with all the necessary instruments. It is primarily for the students of standard eight and above. The laboratories provided with all the specimens, skeleton models, water-testing kit, microscopes as well as slides. We have the largest butterfly and moth collection in the Nilgiris, as well as the largest egg shell collection.

Geography Laboratories
The Geography lab is primarily for the senior school that is for the students of standard 8 and above. It provides the students with all the required necessities.



Bio-Technology Laboratory
The bio-technology laboratory is highly sophisticated with regard to the various instruments available. It possesses all the requirements for a bio-technology laboratory ranging from computers to the highly regarded and sophisticated "LAMINAR AIRFLOW CHAMBER" and various types of microscopes. The school is the only bio-technology center in the Nilgiris and undoubtedly one of the best in the state.



Chemistry Laboratory
The chemistry laboratory is well equipped with all the needs and requirements of a laboratory of its kind. It is divided into two sections, one being for the theory part and the other for the all the practical work.


Physics Laboratory
Like the chemistry laboratory the physics laboratory too is split into two sections one being where the theory of the subject takes place and the other section is where the all practical work is done.