MUN 2018




The committee I was assigned this time was like no other committee that I’ve been to. Being in this committee was like being in the original Lok Sabha. Each person in the committee was assigned a portfolio of a person from a party.  My committee had two agendas-the first one being, ‘Presendential or Parliamentary form of government’ and the second one being, ‘Viability of holding simultaneous elections.’ The committee voted upon the two agendas and the second one was passed. The first agenda could not be discussed because of time constraints. Almost all the people in my committee spoke in Hindi to create the atmosphere of really being in the Lok Sabha. Being in the Lok Sabha was indeed very challenging but we made the best out of our three days’ time and proposed a resolution on the last day. It was overall a wonderful experience and it surely boosted our level of confidence.

                                                                                                                                   -M. Keerthana. Class XII


We attended the Model United Nations which was held in Mumbai on August 10th. We were excited to go as we had some good research done. I was assigned to the United Nations Human Rights Council and unlike the previous one where I was assigned to the Security Council, this committee could not make decisions but only put in their inputs to the other committees for peace and harmony. We were double delegated and I was paired with Panchami Nagaraja. We had some fruitful debates and also learnt about the stance of different countries. Our committee’s agenda was the protection of Lesbian-Gay Bisexual Transgender Community. As our research was well done we spoke about our country’s stand on LGBT very well. We were the delegates of Japan. Our three day committee session felt very short. It was a wonderful experience and we would suggest other children in our school to go for it. We returned with a lot of knowledge gained from the speeches which was given to us by important ambassadors. We also made new friends and lobbied very well. It gave us the confidence to talk about what we had in our minds anytime and anywhere. We learnt how to collect information on various problems.

I would suggest the school to bring in MUN and have an MUN Conference here in the campus. We would surely like to attend other MUN’S which are held throughout the year. It was a great experience to be in this conference.

                                                                                                                                  -Maia Ponnamma.  Class XII

The IIMUN- Indian International Model United Nations is a Programme that shows us the functioning of the United Nations and gives us a platform to solutions to the Major issues going on in different parts of the world. The Committee that we were assigned was the UNHRC. In this commission of the UN the social welfare of people is discussed and solutions are brought about. Our agenda was the Protection of LGBT Rights and their community. Although we had researched a lot about this topic, attending this conference gave us a lot of knowledge about it in different ways. Going to this conference improved our speaking and debating skills. I’d suggest that MUN be brought to Laidlaw.

                                                                                                                                  -Panchami Nagraja. Class XI


IIMUN was a spectacular experience and knowledgeable one as well. We had been preparing for this event for over a month. Our topics were very good and interesting and the debates were of high standards. We had to leave for Mumbai on the 10th of August at 3 am in the morning. We boarded our flight at the Coimbatore Airport at around 7 o’clock in the morning and reached Mumbai at 10 o’clock. This was the first time for me in Mumbai and even my first MUN too. We boarded the bus and got to the hotel by 12 pm.

The hotel was very good. It was a 5star Residency and we were happy to know that we had to stay there for another four days. We were seven students and Mrs Everett was our Escort teacher. I was in the UNEP Committee and my committee had about 50 members, each representing various countries.

The IIMUN Opening Ceremony was in the evening so Shahityavel and I got to our room and had a nap. We then got ready in the evening and went to the auditorium for the Opening Ceremony before the ceremony could begin, the lobbying began. People were from all over India, from the East, West, North and South. It was a new experience for me to mingle among different people from India. Most of them had gone for 5 to 6 MUN’s and some were beginners. I participated to develop my debating skills and to improve my confidence levels. After discussion our Chairperson guided us to the Opening Ceremony. The ceremony was spectacular and the performances were mind blowing. I came to know that I was one of the 1,100 people attending the IIMUN.

I woke up early and participated in the sports events with my committee members and had breakfast and changed into my traditional clothes which was a Dhoti and Shirt as I represented a South Indian. This was the first time I had seen people from various cultures and their different attires.

When I entered the UNEP house which was at the basement of the hotel, I found my placard on my chair and people had already started arguing about the topic “Laying a Road Map SDG13, which means finding a solution for sustainable development goal 13 which is combating Climatic Change which is major issue in the present world. Everybody was waiting for the delegate of USA as USA had come out of the Paris Agreement and their President Donald Trump had called the Climatic Change an hoax. The three days session went well and there were two moderate caucuses, three immoderate caucuses and two working papers which had been passed and one draft resolution which had been passed by everyone.

I had learnt many new things in this three days session and I got used to public speaking and most importantly made new friends. I would like to thank the Principal, the Board Of Management and most importantly Mrs C. Everett, without whose guidance this wouldn’t have happened. Finally I thank the Almighty for making this a huge success.

                                                                                                                                      -K.R Pranesh. Class X.


My committee was the Trusteeship Council and my agenda was, ‘Reforms in the mandate of the Trusteeship Council: The Question of Palau’. We discussed about the various issues in Palau such as Environmental issues-drought, floods, political issues and humanitarian issues. We also discussed that  the council’s work was over in 1944 so should the council be reformed or removed. We discussed issues in the other trust territories such as Congoland and Cameroon, etc. We made working papers, debated and also challenged other delegates.

I spoke with other delegates of other schools such as CIRS, Yuva Bharati, Delhi Public, etc, and made a lot of friends. In the session we made a Draft Resolution and it was successfully passed which showed that the committee was a success.

We learnt a lot from this three day conference. It was challenging yet fun-filled. I would like to thank Mr Gary Everett, our Principal for giving us this experience.

                                                                                                                                   -Shahitya Vel I. Class X


We started our journey for IIMUN on 10th August at 3:30 am. We reached Coimbatore Airport and had our refreshments. Then we took our flight from there to Mumbai in about 2 hrs. We again had refreshments there outside the airport and continued our journey to the hotel. We reached Hotel Retreat and checked in. After relaxing for a little while we had our lunch. Then went for the opening ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony was quite good. We had Nakul [a famous actor] as our host. Inthis ceremony we had fantastic performances by Amaal Malik and inspiring speeches by Vice Admiral Girish Luthra. This was followed by a concert by Leslie Louis who was the mascot for IIMUN 2018. We missed the  concert because we were tired and went off to sleep after dinner.

The second day of IIMUN had a lot to give because that was what we went there for. We started with our committee, Mughals vs Marathas. Or agenda was ‘Aurangzeb’s invasion of empire.’ At the starting we got a shock! We had to discuss and stop the war which could happen after1680. We all had prepared about the war which happened. We anyhow fought against each other and agreed to have peace. After this day ended we had our DJ Party in which I enjoyed myself with Shreyansh and Ansh [a friend from my old school].

On the 3rd day, things were quite the same as the previous days. We started making working papers but after lunch we had an update in our agenda and I was the one who moderated it. On the last day we discussed a lot and made our Draft Resolution. It was kind of a ‘worst day’ as we had to say Goodbye to our new found friends. All in all it was a fruitful experience.

                                                                                                                                        -Rachit Pant. Class IX


The funniest part of the whole experience was that the committee I belonged to, namely known as ICIJ-Journalist,  had no particular place assigned. After we collected together we chose a lobby or place where our chair person introduced himself, explained our work and marking criteria. Soon we did what we were assigned to do. We witnessed the sessions of other committees, wrote reports and made power point presentations. It was a great learning for me to move from one committee to another, jot down points, make notes and then come back and write reports. Besides that we also had to take a lot of photographs and compile them into presentations. Not an easy task!

My first MUN experience has been great and I look forward to more MUN’s in future!

                                                                                                                             -Shreyansh choubey. Class IX

Pictures of Conference